The following is the bell schedule for grades 7-12

7:20 first bell/five minute warning for first period

1st period: 7:25-8:17

2nd period: 8:21-9:13


3rd period: 9:23-10:15

4th period: 10:19-11:12

5th period: 11:16-12:42 (lunch period)

6th period: 12:46-1:38

7th period: 1:42-2:34

Buses release: 7:08
Breakfast: 7:08-7:25
Break: 9:13-9:23

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Cheerleaders!

Varsity Roster

Erica Lovvorn

Cammilyn Miller

Elizabeth Riddle

Shelbi East

Madison Young

Alexis Merrill

Jasey Langley

Christin Pugh

Sam Chupp

Marlie Alewine

Claire Ward

Bella Robinson

Julianna Merrill

JV Roster

Abbie Cone

Ashten Lewis

Dustina Teague

Abigail Howle

Breeanna Lovvorn

Breanna Williamson

Lila Forsyth

Gracie Dearman

Lindsey Heath

Tatum Martin

Kensley Hughes